University Of Lagos (UNILAG) Notice To 2022/2023 Candidates On Acceptance Of Transfer Approvals On JAMB CAPS

This is to notify candidates seeking admission into the University of Lagos, as well as members of the University Community and general public that the 2022/2023 Admission Exercise has closed.

However, it has been observed that some candidates who were offered admission into programmes different from their original choice of programmes are yet to accept the transfer offers to the new programmes. Similarly, some candidates are slow to accept the transfer offers (accepting the transfer offers at their leisure), thereby lingering their admission process. Consequently, the Admission Office is unable to propose the admission of these candidates on JAMB CAPS.

UNILAG notice on closure of 2022/2023 admission exercise

Please note that:

  1. The Admission Office will continue to propose the admissions of candidates who accept the transfer offers of new programmes until the deadline of Friday, May 12, 2023.
  2. The admission of candidates who accept the transfer offer after the deadline will not be proposed, hence forfeiture of their admission.

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