Pan-Atlantic University (PAU) Schedule Of School Fees For The 2023/2024 Academic Session

Tuition Fees Per Student for the 2023/2024 Academic Session

Accounting, Business Administration, and Economics
Year 13,324,250
Year 23,058,310
Year 32,925,370
Year 42,872,815
Year 13,324,250
Year 23,058,310
Mass Communication
Year 13,672,750
Year 23,378,930
Year 33,244,495
Year 43,013,115
Information Science and Media Studies
Year 13,742,375
Year 23,442,985
Year 33,308,320
Year 43,133,175
Computer Science
Year 13,747,120
Year 23,314,760
Year 33,180,670
Year 43,123,055
Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical/Electronical Engineering
Year 13,867,360
Year 23,706,220
Year 33,557,525
Year 43,493,010

Fee Payment Structure
Students who have been admitted via Direct Entry are to pay the same amount as their classmates

  • An acceptance fee of ₦250,000 is to be paid on admission. This non-refundable sum will form part of the first semester’s fees. This is applicable to first-year students and students who have just been admitted via Direct Entry
  • The tuition fee is payable in two equal instalments before the beginning of each semester.

Download And View School Fees Payment Procedure Manual Below:

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