How To Generate JAMB E-faciliy Profile Login Details

The importance of having JAMB E-faciliy login details cannot be overemphasized. The reason being that, candidates will not be able to access their profiles without their personal login email and password.

It should be noted that JAMB did not register candidates during the registration period with their emails. JAMB had decided that candidates update their emails to their accounts after the registration..

As a result of this, this post has been made to put you through how to link/update your email to your JAMB Profile in order to gain access to it.


There are two options in linking email to JAMB Profile so as to get the login details:

  1. USSD Code
  2. CBT Centre


Send a message in the format below as an SMS to 55019

Email (space) “your email” (space) “your email again”

For example:


NOTE: The SMS must be sent using the phone number you used for registration. A fee of N50 will be charged for a successful attempt, therefore, ensure you have enough airtime.

After sending the SMS, you will receive an email from JAMB containing your login details.


If after using the USSD code option and yet you have issues with successfully updating your email to get your login details, then you can visit any accredited CBT centre close to you for assistance.

Requirements at the CBT centre are:

  • JAMB Profile Code/Registration Number
  • Valid Email Address
  • Thumbprint is required (so physical presence is non-negotiable)

N.B: Candidates must ensure that the email they are linking/updating to their profile must be a valid email (Gmail account preferably) which such candidate has access to. Emails can only be updated once, so using an invalid email would require special intervention at the state’s JAMB office.

After getting your login details (email and password), visit the Jamb profile login page to login and access your profile.

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